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Tattoo Supplies


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One of the most common tattoo supplies purchased by any tattoo artist is needles. This is because every time you move to a new client or change colors on a single tattoo, you have to get a new needle. These needles can only be used once, so you want to make sure that you purchase enough to handle all of your clients until your next order. With discounts of up to 50 percent off the standard retail price, The LA Shop should be your first and only stop for disposable needles.

There are other tattoo supplies that you may want to have in your shop, depending on the type of tattoos you create. Unless you draw everything freehand, you should purchase a good supply of transfer paper. This paper allows you to copy an image and replicate it on the skin of your client. Then it is merely a question of following the lines and filling in the colors.

The process of following another pattern can take some practice so, instead of practicing on live clients, get some practice skin. The LA Shop carries packs of this practice skin and it is included in their list of essential tattoo supplies. This is because it allows you to practice different techniques without damaging your reputation with your clients.

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