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Towel Warmer & UV Sterilizer


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Using a towel warmer means you will always be able to supply your clients with a hot towel for their facial. The towel warmers also act as sterilizers, which is important when you are working with several different clients throughout the day. This allows you to keep the spread of germs under control while giving your clients the perfect facial or a spa towel warmer for your massage clients.

There are several different types of towel warmers available from The LA Shop, so you only have to choose the one that can handle the load for your entire salon. They have a built in UV sterilizer, which will kill most germs and bacteria on the towels. You will not have to worry about cross contamination between your clients or your staff.

A towel warmer from The LA Shop also has a convenient shelf on the inside, so it can also be used to store you towels between business hours. This lets you come in to the salon in the morning and have fresh clean towels for your first client. Because there is no assemble required, you will be ready with hot towels from you electric towel warmer for your first client.

Now we also supply a DRY Heat Sterilizer for Medical Dental Tattoo use. It comes with a high temperature up to 392 ℉, could kill 99% bacteria.

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