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The unicycle is a specialized bike that only has one wheel, one seat and one set of pedals. It does not come with a chain because the pedals are connected directly to the wheel, giving the driver more control than a standard bike. There are even extreme unicycles that are made to use on the roughest terrain. These cycles can be expensive, but The LA Shop offers them at a substantial discount off the retail price, usually well over 50 percent off.

The secret of successfully riding a unicycle is to have balance and strength. Because there is no chain from the pedal to the wheel, the unicycle has to be moved by pure strength. The gears on a standard bike increase the amount of force transferred to the wheel from the pedals. You do not have this advantage when you are riding a unicycle.

The other factor you need is balance. This is because you only have one tire instead of two. A bicycle, which has two tires, requires you to balance from side to side while the front and back are covered. The unicycle requires you to balance in all four directions, making it a more difficult cycle to ride.

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