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Vacuums & Cleaners

TheLAShop offers these Canister Vacuum Cleaners that keep your hardwood floor and stairs looking neat and clean. This kind of cleaning machine take the weight out of your hands and put their powerful motors on the floor so each sweep of their many interchangeable heads is as easy as can be. They are low noise design that make you fell comfortable even when you are doing your housework!

A canister vacuum will let you collect anything from spilled cereal in the back seat to common household dust and crumbs, such as pet hair. Our bagless canister vacuums contain HEPA filters that can protect against over 99% dust and allergens. Keep a stock of filters on hand, so your vacuum is always running at full cleaning capacity. With a compact canister vacuum, you can keep it in the garage and clean up your house or whenever it's needed. Pick one up and get your house or vehicle clean in no time.


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