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Water so pure and clean, you need to taste it for yourself to appreciate just how crisp and refreshing your water can be. It’s more than a difference you’ll notice in your cooking and beverages. It’s the peace of mind that only comes from safeguarding your family’s health with the commercial grade filtration performance of an Reverse Osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis system from theLAShop protects you from the harmful effects of lead, heavy metals, chlorine, chemical contaminants and many other pollutants, separating them from the water through 5-stage filters. Built-in the auto flushing and self-cleaning procedure, so the membrane remains clean. Water never stands still for a longer time to avoid bacteria growing. Keep the water in your reverse osmosis system tasting fresh and clean with water filter replacements. You and your family will enjoy your water without worrying about residue from contaminants such as lead or mercury with our water filters.

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