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When you want to make a strong connection amid the cable or wire, the best tool you need is actually a wire crimper. You can compress, twist and indent wires around, and also join them tightly by using a wire crimping tool. Crimping is in fact a very cold-working method. If you like to execute some DIY projects, then a wire crimper is the tool which you will surely need at some point of time. If you do not have it, the job of crimping can turn out to be a very difficult part of the whole project.

The wire crimpers from TheLAShop come in many diverse varieties. It often depends on the kind of wire which you want to strip or crimp. For a heavy gauge wire, you will always require a heavy-duty crimper. For the jobs that involve the use of many different sizes of connections, it is better to use a modular wire crimper. The ratchet wire crimper is a special kind of wire crimper. This one can crimp the threading as well as the insulation grip part of the connectors.

No matter which kinds of wire crimpers you choose, you should follow the manufacturers' directions regarding safety and maintenance.

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